Smartly connected

The new CEECOACH™ makes sports and training more enjoyable, effective and safe.




The system for easy group communication.

With the new CEECOACH™ from Peiker, 2-6 participants can communicate over a distance of up to 500 meters without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology.
Whether you are riding, mountain biking, climbing or doing winter sports: CEECOACH™ networks even without a network.

Excellent speaking & sound quality

More reliable than standard radio systems

Simultaneous speaking with Full-Duplex

Modern and outstanding design

Splash and dust-proof

Easy and intuitive operation

Fast Plug & Play connection

High battery performance

The perfect companion in equestrian sports

Easy group communication for a direct connection between trainer and riders in equestrian sports.

All functions can be controlled with just three buttons. The wave-shaped design of the CEECOACH™ enables optimum operation, even when wearing gloves or without looking at the device.

Perfect understanding

Instructions can be heard over long distances or with loud ambient sounds

Simultaneous training

Coaching different groups at the same time without disturbing each other

Easy Support

Discreet support on the schooling arena during equestrian competitions.

Voice sparing

The trainer does not need to raise his voice and can adapt his instructions to the precise moment when needed.

“As a professional riding instructor it is very important to me to communicate actively with my pupils. The excellent audio quality, the easy handling and the possibilty to speak simultaneously provides perfect training conditions.” Rita Reisenauer

Master of horse management

3 modes

1st Moderator mode

1st Moderator Mode

The moderator speaks -up to 5 participants listen. This connection is already established after role assignment, without the moderator having to press the Talk button (o).

2nd Participant Mode

2nd Participant Mode

Participants and moderator cab speak to one another; all other participants can only eavesdrop. Voice communication with the moderator is established when the participant briefly presses the Talk button (o).

3rd Private Mode

3rd Private Mode

The moderator can switch an active conversation to private mode, i.e. the moderator speaks to one participant privately. The remaining participants are unable to listen in. To do so, the moderator presses the Talk button (o) once. if the moderator would like to end the private mode, he/she briefly presses the Talk button (o) twice.

Easy selection between three modes

Individual configurations (Moderator, Participant & Private Mode) can be set-up easily and are distinguished by different colored, illuminated symbols:
Blue indicates the Moderator and green the Participant role.

Moderator Mode

The moderator or trainer talks – up to 5 participants listen.

Participant Mode

The participant and moderator or trainer can speak with each other, all other participants can only listen in.

Private Mode

The moderator or trainer can place an active conversation into Private Mode. The other participants cannot listen in.














It´s as simple as that

Charging, switching on and assigning the different roles – Ready.

1. Talk button
2. Light ring
3. Plus button
4. Minus button
5. Micro USB connection
6. Headset port
7. Clip mount

Charge the battery

Plug the enclosed charging cable into the port until the permanent light turns green. Unplug the Micro-USB and connect the headset.

Role assignment

Every device has a different role. Simply press the talk button and minus or plus button simultaneously to assign the different role.

Coach and speak

Just start your conversation in moderator, participant or private mode.









Technical features

Number of users up to 6 people simultaneously
Dimensions (W x H X D) 75 x 50 x 24 mm / 2.95 x 2 x 0.95 inches
Mount Clip thats snaps-in 90° levels
Illumination multi-colored LEDs
Talk time up to 10 hours*
Stand-by time up to 3 days*
Operating temperature -10°C to 45°C / 14 °F to 113 °F
Protection class splash-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof
Range up to 500 m* / up to 1600 ft*
Data transfer Bluetooth® 4.0
Supported profiles HFP, A2DP
Power supply Lithium ion battery
Charging time about 4 hours*
Headset connection 3.5mm jack plug
Charger connection standard micro-USB
Product colors  color-dots

*Deviations possible depending on method of use.


2 x Clip mounts
2 x Premium headset
2 x USB charging cables
1 x USB twin adapter
1 x Quick Guide (not shown)
Delivery content depends on CEECOACH starterkit

Software Update

Updates are used to keep CEECOACH™ functions current and up to date. The update v01.32 enhances your audio quality and reduces the possibility of disconnection. Further charging is improved which supports the lifetime of your batteries. Its recommended to have the same software version on all your devices. You have the choice between the German (Version/DE) and the English version (Version/US). Important: Please read the detailed guide carefully before starting the CEECOACH™ update (PDF file, 250 KB)
Here is how it works:

  1. Download and install CEECOACH™ Update program  according to the guide
  2. Download the current CEECOACH™ Software
  3. Plug CEECOACH™ into your PC and start the update program


Version: v01.32DE
File size: 460KB (.zip file)



Version: v01.32US
File size: 460KB (.zip file)



supported operating systems:
Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1
File size: 6,1MB (.zip file)



Here you find manuals, flyer and data sheets for an easy download.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Generally, you should check if your CEECOACH™ is equipped with the latest software status when detecting any problems with your device.

If you have not downloaded the update program yet, please follow the above instructions.

Adding devices to a previously paired communication circle does not work.
If a communication circle was formed, the settings are saved and remain when powering on again. To add more devices you have to build a whole new communication circle. To do so reset the previously paired ones first by pressing all three buttons simultaneously. Now start the role assignment of all devices you want to pair.
Not all devices I wanted to pair have connected to each other.
Please conduct a reset of all devices (press all three buttons simultaneously).
First assign all participant roles and then assign the moderator role. Otherwise a timeout can occur and no more devices are recognized.
How can I mute the participant (when just two devices used)?

If just two devices are used, the participant mode is active automatically which means both moderator and participant can talk. To mute the participant the moderator presses the talk button twice.

How can I connect CEECOACH™ to my smartphone?
Press the plus and the minus buttons simultaneously. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and search for Bluetooth devices. CEECOACH™ including the last four signs of the serial number (to find on the back of the device) appear on your display. Choose your CEECOACH™ device and the connection will be established.
My CEECOACH™ blinks red instead of yellow when charging.
Your device was completely discharged (deep discharge). You can charge your CEECOACH™ regularly, but possibly previous settings are deleted.
Can I listen to music with my CEECOACH™?
At the moment just telephone calls are supported by the current software. However, this feature is planned so look out for new software updates.

Contact Support

In case you could not find answers to your question or you have other technical issues please refer to GCC, or fill out the form.

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